“Take care of the customer and everything else will take care of its self”
Commercial Services

Controls and Building Automation
Since our inception we have been a control company. There is not system installed
that we cannot repair or maintain. Our mechanics are experience on Johnson
Controls, Robert Shaw Controls, Siemens Controls, Invensys, Honeywell Controls,
Carrier Controls, Trane Tracer, Watt Master Controls and we are one of the few
companies in the area who can support and repair Pneumatic Controls. We are
the experts.

HVACR Maintenance and Repair
Why hire a maintenance company and control company when you have a company
that can do both. Summer/Winter Automation is that company. We service and
maintain, boilers, chillers, split systems, air handlers and any system that supports
your environment. Our mechanics typically hold a journeyman’s license; have 5 or more
years of mechanical trade school and average 15 years or more of experience. You will not find a better more experienced team to maintain you systems. And
yes we offer 24x7 services.

Preventive Maintenance Agreements
Do you really understand how preventive maintenance can save you money? We do! Over time your controls and sensors can begin to drift out of operating
range. What does a 2 degree change cost you? A lot! We recommend all control systems be validated and re-calibrated once a year. If you have pneumatic
controls we recommend semi-annual inspections to make sure water and oil is not moving through the systems. How about that dirty equipment or that frayed
belt and that bad contactor? All of these items cost you money in form of energy waste. If the equipment is not operating at peak performance it’s costing you

Start Test Balancing Water and Air
Yes, we also do Air and Water balancing. Our Balance team is experienced and professional. We can accurately identify all your system issues. We perform;
Total System Balancing, Functional Performance Testing, Control System Verification, HVAC Commissioning, Duct Leakage Testing, Pre Construction Plan
Review. We submit all reporting and perform all work in accordance with AABC (American Association Balance Council) or NEBB (National Environmental
Balancing Bureau guidelines.

Consulting and Facility Assessments
Since we are professionals in all the disciplines of HVACR mechanics we offer professional consulting and facility assessments. Using the right tools and
our experience, our professionals can accurately identify you building issues. Ever wonder why one room is hot and another is cold, we can tell you why. Every
building and every space is engineered to perform to a specific set of criteria. We can tell you why it does not. We understand the mechanics, the performance
and the controls. Don’t get caught up pointing fingers, call in the professionals and we can tell you exactly what the problem is.

Design Build Projects
From base building to tenant build out our construction crews get it done on-time, under budget and done right. Our roots come from the professional
steamfitters, therefore we are experts in process piping to meet you mechanical and refrigeration needs. We understand time is money, therefore our
construction project team knows we have to work with the engineer and clients to make sure field design meets mechanical design and field changes are
communicated and approved. We keep jobs moving forward. We have relationships with every major equipment and material supplier. We provide
professional services, including project schedules, project management and field engineering. No project is too small or too big.